Things Not to Tell A Traveller

I knew going into this journey that a lot of people were going to be interested and want to talk with me about this. After I arrived I actually created an FAQ post so that I wasn’t answering the same questions over and over, and everyone would have access to them. However prepared I was for people wanting to talk and ask me questions, I was not ready to be bombarded with other people’s opinions and thoughts on how I should spend my trip. While I appreciate people wanting to talk and give me suggestions, please do not act like you are entitled to make decisions or comment on my decisions. I have created this handy little list of things not to tell me (or anyone else who may be traveling)!

Oh that place/thing is boring, you should really go see this

Again, I appreciate the suggestion, and maybe I will go see what you suggested, but why do you think you can tell me not to go see something I am interested in? If I think something is boring, I am most certainly not going to see it. Everything on my list is on the list for a reason, so please don’t tell me that something I want to see is boring or not worth it.

Oh enjoy it!

This is a really nit-picky thing, but when you hear it from a ton of people, multiple times a day, it gets on your nerves. I know you are just trying to express to me how much fun you want me to have, or something but this is kind of a redundant phrase. I know this is a phrase that people just say when they aren’t sure what else to say, but it makes it really awkward for me. What am I supposed to say to that? I mean obviously I am going to enjoy it or at least try to. Why on earth would I travel through Europe, or anywhere for that matter, and not try to enjoy myself? Please, just find something else to say.

I’m so upset you couldn’t do *blank*

You know what, I probably am as well. I didn’t get to see everything in every place I went to. There simply wasn’t enough time to go everywhere and see anything, so I had to pick and choose and fit in as much as was possible. So please don’t tell me how upset you are. And if you are telling me how sorry you are I couldn’t do something that was never on my list and was instead part of your agenda, don’t apologize. Just read number 1 because I really don’t want to hear it.

So these are fairly blunt, but sometimes these things need to be said. I know everybody means well, but at a certain point it does tend to get on your nerves, especially because travelling is not always the most relaxing experience! I am more than open to talking about my experience and sharing my stories and listening to other people’s stories, but please avoid the phrases above. There are so many more things I could put in this post, so maybe there will be a follow up post!

Is there anything that bothers you when you travel?