I am not embarrassed to admit that I know next to nothing about politics. I barely understand the politics of my own country, let alone the politics of any other country. Actually, I might know more about the American government than I do about my own.

Now I may not know a lot about politics, but I really love discussing them, and back home one of my favourite things to do when my friends and I got together was listen to them have discussions about world politics. I have a lot of brilliant friends who have an incredible amount of knowledge on these things, and they all have great ideas and opinions. I also have a lot of opinions, but they are not as well thought out or based in as much logic as most peoples.

I still miss those discussions with my friends, and they are one of the things I am most looking forward to when I get back, but as it turns out, the people here aren’t that different. On more than one occasion, we have sat down and talked about the politics around the world.

I have met people from all over the world (including Kenya, Australia, Namibia, Yemen, India and Hong Kong). They all come from such interesting cultures, and they know a lot about their respective governments. They have taught me so much about all the issues they are having with their governments and in their countries and I think that it is incredible how involved they all are.

It is one thing to sit in Canada with my Canadian friends and talk about global politics, but it is an incredible experience to sit with people who live in these countries and experience the hardships that they are going through.


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